Monday, March 26, 2012

Wedding Cake Toppers

I am creating this blog as a means of promoting my custom wedding cake toppers...YourTops.

It will be about weddings....more specifically about wedding cake and wedding cake toppers.

Why wedding cake toppers?  I have always been attracted to figures.  I played with toy soldiers and cowboy figures growing up.  I have collected carved wooden French Canadian Habitant figures,  Hopi Kachina dolls, German figural glass Christmas tree ornaments and have a large collection of reproduction German style Santa Claus candy containers. 

I loved Santa Claus figures so much, I began making them in the late '70's.  Soft sculpture figures...sewed their faces with absolutely NO sewing experience...ouch...frustrating and painful.  Slowly I becan selling these figures.  I began selling German glass Christmas tree ornaments.  Soft sculted figures became molded chalkware Santas.  I began buying old doll heads and incorporating them into angels and female figures.  Molded chalkware Easter rabbits followed.  I dabbled in nostalgic holiday greeting cards and novelties. dawned on me...weddings were, in a sense, a holiday season!  What could I make for weddings?  I remembered our own wedding cake topper.  It was a music box that played the anniversary waltz.  I remember seeing it at the top of our cake...rotating...I will find and post a picture tomorrow!

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