Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Classic German Hertwig wedding figures...

In 1865 Christoph Hertwig and 2 partners opened a porcelain factory in the Thurigian town of Katzhutte.  Their first products were porcelain "novelties" including shoulder head bisque doll heads.  

I love the term "novelties."  "Novelties" are small manufactured adornments, toy or collectible."  In the 19th and 20th century, Hertwig  manufactured a wide selection of impulse items...bisque dolls, figurines, animals, and knick-knacks.  Many of these were sold in Woolworths, J.C. Murphy and local 5&10 cent stores.  They also offered more expensive lines for fancy good stores.

Mixed in the Hertwig novelty line were cake topper figures.  Not everyone could afford to buy a fancy cake to celebrate a special occaision.  Figures commemorating a baptism or first communion could be purchased and stuck on a cake.  It is believed that Hertwig introduced wedding cake topper figures between 1914-1920. 

You can see below the quality of molding, painting and variety of their work below....

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