Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Cake Figures....

I became enthralled with antique wedding cake figures as I researched weddings as a new "holiday" season to create and sell in the early 1990's.  As I've said in previous posts - the German examples from the 1920's and '30's are, in my opinion, the finest.  However, there are hundreds of fascinating examples made in pre and post war Japan, the USA and Hong Kong and China,

Figures at the top of a cake...let's look at mine!  It's very ironic that one who now makes custom wedding cake toppers could have paid little attention to his own wedding cake.  We were getting married on August 24, 1974.  But, like a typical groom, I don't think, at the time, I thought much about our wedding cake.  But someone made sure we had an unique topper at the top of that cake.

My step grandmother, who loved social gatherings and weddings, was going to have to miss our wedding.  You see, our family has island in Canada.  My Grandparents would spend the summer there and my Grandfather Gould had refused to return for our wedding.  So, she wanted to do something special for our wedding....and purchased a revolving wedding cake topper from the premier florist shop in Indianapolis. 

The topper figure is a molded plastic figure made in Hong Kong.  It features silver roping and white velvet wedding flowers.  The revolving music box plays "The Anniversary Waltz."

The music box is an unusual idea that I have considered for my toppers.  One small, tricky glitch...winding it up and placing it on the cake!  Today, I have heard from my brides that caterers that have difficulty placing my stationary toppers on their wedding cakes...let alone a moving one...but, I distinctly remember, when the time came to cut the cake...there it was....revolving at the top of the cake!

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