Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm sentimental.  Guess you ought to be when you're connected to the wedding business.  Let me re-phrase'd better be if you're involved in the wedding business.  Same applies if you're in anyway connected to Christmas!  These are heart and soul occaisions first, commercial opportunities second.

So...I have our original wedding cake topper from 1974.  Despite my sentimentality, I did not offer or strongly hint that my daughter put ours at the top of her cake.  I make wedding cake toppers.  I wanted to make her one. 

When I create these, I gather important information...type of wedding cake, wedding colors, wedding flowers, wedding theme.  Being father of the bride on this wedding, I had most of the info ribboned banded cake, faint pink peonies, classy and fun wedding theme.

When I asked kate what she was hoping for...she said..."Make me something classy and my wedding!" 


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